Alec Feuerstein 
4205 Vía Marina, B016· Marina Del Rey, CA 90292· (415) 260-9354·

Programming Languages: C, C++, C*, Java, JavaScript, LISP, MASM, PASCAL, Perl, Python, Ruby, Scala, SQL.
Platforms: AIX, BSD, EC2, IRIX, J2EE, Linux, MacOS, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Pylons, Rails, Solaris, SQL Server, Tomcat, VMS, WebLogic, WebSphere, Windows.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY, Inc. Santa Monica, California
April, 2011 to Present
Engineering Manager (promoted February, 2012) / Technical Lead. Oversaw domestic development for a company with over $120 million in annual revenue. Primarily responsible for e-commerce, product recommendations, user profiling, analytics and 3rd party integrations. Reviewed business requirements for technical feasibility and scope. Maintained coding standards and mentored junior engineers. Personally developed systems for monthly subscriptions, address verification, return authorizations and user clustering.
Stargreetz, Inc. Santa Monica, California
November, 2010 to April, 2011
Technical Lead. Developed software for company that provided a web based video customization product. Rebuilt video generation process gaining a 30 fold increase in efficiency. Designed a transactional payment process to allow for multi-item purchases. Created a process to personalize videos for Facebook users. Lead the internal development team as well as 4 outsourced development groups.
InterestMIX LLC. Santa Monica, California
August, 2009 to November, 2010
Technical Lead. Provided technical direction and oversight in building an expansive recommendation system. Headed up team responsible for engineering and operating two web properties. Built complex web application using Ruby on Rails, Lucene, Hadoop, MySQL and other best of breed technologies. Established agile development process. Made significant contributions to in all technical areas. Helped define both product and corporate strategy.
Virgin Charter Inc. Santa Monica, California
June, 2007 to July, 2009
Senior Software Engineer. Developed an online marketplace for private aviation using Python and the Pylons web framework. Operated under aggressive deadlines and worked across multiple product areas -- user management, UI, commerce, search, access control. Analyzed business logic and made optimizations that increased conversion ratio by 16 fold to twice that of the industry standard. Evangelized agile methodologies and spearheaded bringing TDD techniques to the team.
Gofish Inc. San Francisco, California
July, 2004 to June, 2007
Senior Software Engineer. First employee at a start-up focused on building an expansive search platform for digital media. Brought product from conception to scalable web based application. Responsible for all initial architecture and design. Lead data matching team and created application capable of efficiently matching millions of data items. Defined formal development process. Served as Technical Lead in 5 of 11 technical areas. Maintained multimedia search web service used by and Deployed redundant infrastructure that serves millions of searches each day. Provided technical and interpersonal recommendations for staffing and team building.
SBC Communications. San Ramon, California
April, 2002 to June, 2004
Senior Analyst. Selected for newly formed team of company's most highly skilled developers. Integrated legacy sales tracking system with J2EE based client built on WebSphere application server. Fashioned project requirements and designed MVC based API for interaction. Created Swing and servlet based clients. Developed HTTP based communication layer for thick client. Expanded the high speed line ordering system to include recently acquired regions. Established source control, unit tests and backups. Managed deployments to application server and group's software distribution. Responsible for the supervision of two associate analysts. Interviewed and hired over 20 new team members.
MEconomy Inc. San Francisco, California
October, 2000 to December, 2001
Software Engineer. Created Internet privacy infrastructure. Designed and developed Java based multi-user, pluggable, collaborative proxy server. Implemented HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant connection management, SSL connection management, user authentication, rule publishing/subscriber system and a servlet based front end. Acted as head of development for alpha launch. Established secure bug tracking system, automated build system, source control system, independent testing environment, backups, load testing and standardized unit tests. Managed multi-server load balanced deployment.
Thaumaturgix Inc. New York City, New York
August, 1999 to September, 2000
Senior Software Engineer. Furnished software services to meet client needs. Created scalable e-commerce solution for B&H Photo Video using Sapphire application server. Worked with clients to determine project scope and specifications. Developed application according to client's business logic and requirements. Designed facade for access to Oracle database. Developed and implemented paradigm for user interface. Refined database schema to accommodate online transactions. Created policy and deployed systems for source control and bugtracking.
EarthWeb Inc. New York City, New York
August, 1997 to August, 1999
Software Engineer. Designed and developed multi-tiered applications in Java. Enhanced EarthWeb's Internet chat application Chat Planet. Created a package for licensing and purchasing chat channels. Developed application to create HTML index and provide link verification of chat channels. Produced application that dynamically created and maintained list of special events. Created various utilities for normalization of EarthWeb's proprietary OODB. Implemented delete functionality within database. Developed methods for recovery of free space and optimization of database data.
Alpha Light Communications. New York City, New York
June, 1996 to August, 1997
Founder. Responsible for disposition of technical operations and clients' Internet deployment. Installed and maintained various client Internet servers including Apache, Netscape, and IIS. Developed complete Internet solutions using Perl, C++, and Java to meet client specifications. Fabricated Perl based CMS system to update HTML content and mailing lists. Created secure online shopping solutions. Completed C++ application to add entries to Netscape Enterprise Server's user database. Constructed program to update Informix On-line Work Group database with billing information. Produced NT service to monitor and communicate with CU-SeeMe video server on a socket level.
Nicholson NY. New York City, New York
December, 1995 to June, 1996
Systems Administrator. Supported a 50 node Windows NT network. Configured and hardened all servers. Created hierarchy for NT users and groups. Upgraded from NT 3.5 to 3.51. Setup RAID 5 drive subsystem and DHCP services. Installed and configured a dynamic Internet/database server. Implemented network wide backup system. Analyzed security exposure implemented security solutions.
Graphic Systems Group. New York City, New York
April, 1995 to December, 1995
Systems Administrator. Supervision, maintenance and backup of a 20 node Unix network and a 19 workstation NT network. Converted from Novell 3.11 to Windows NT. Updating of all software including patching and kernel optimization. Emplacement of jukebox tape drive and software. Set up YP/NIS and DNS. Maintained accounting database.
Manhattan School of Music. New York City, New York
May, 1994 to April, 1995
Assistant to Director of MIS. Administered a 73 workstation network. Conversion of network from LANtastic to Novell. Implemented backup procedures. Repaired disabled workstations. Conversion/upkeep of databases. Trained staff in the use of applications.
Independent Contractor
January, 2008 to Present
Added new features per client requests to a JBoss based website. Developed tailored web crawler in Ruby to provide data for RoR based website.

Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology